Newsletter - May 2017

New Web site goes live!

It's been a while coming, and is very much a work in progress. The new site is at the same address: Lots of things to add, especially Bikes, Accessories and the Summer collection. Let us know what you think!

We're off to Italy :-)

Well, I am anyway, until late June. We'll still be open as usual, with Ella running the shop. I'll visit our suppliers - Scapin, and also Cicli Barco, who are building a lovely Spirit frame for Mascoteer Richie, of Richies California Style Fresh Salsa. The current plan is for a nice Pearl finish. Nothing like this one:

Of course I'll stay with Raimondo at his soon-to-be official cycling holiday destination in Lozzo Atestino in the Colli Euganei regional park. Maybe I'll have a ride or two. Maybe :-)

Late News: work in progress on Richies frame ...

Scapin News

We have big news for all you Scapinistas! Heath and Louise at Culture of Cycling (formerly Bike Force Richmond) have become a Scapin retail outlet. Culture of Cycling are at 55 Burnley St, Richmond VIC 3121. Drop in and say hello!

Social and Rides

The shop rides continue, as Mascot - Azul rides now, since they start at Cafe Azul at 346 Bridge Rd, Richmond. Come along. For more details see here and also here. While I'm away Peter will lead the rides, with backup from James.

I'm hoping to develop Ray's skills with over-the-shoulder photography, and will post a few pics in this section when I have some. Meanwhile, send us pics of your social rides (wearing Mascot kit and rising a Mascot bike, of course) and I'll include some here.

Winter Stock

We are very excited and proud to announce our new Winter stock. Of course we have more Winter stock here, and also On Sale. The mandatory stock images:

And if you want a Pro outfit ...

We have another site called Bike Kit Shop. It will look kinda familiar, except it doesn't have anything made in Italy. Yet.

Thanks for reading. I'll get back to packing Ray's bikes to take over ...
Ciao for now

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