Newsletter - Oct 2019

Well, it's been a l-o-o-o-n-g time since the last newsletter!

News and other Noise

Here in South East Australia we're moving into Spring after a colder-than-recent-times Winter. The Magpies are swooping to protect their eggs, and I was even swooped by a Butcher Bird today. Everyone has their theory about keeping them off. Some attach cable-ties to their helmet, others put extra eyes on the back. Since the birds are trying to protect their nest from predators, I figure the cable-tie idea just makes you look more dangerous, so you'll get swooped more.

I call the cable-ties Magpie attractors. Does anyone think they work? Let me know!

I don't use anything, just ride straight and talk nicely to them. But I'm thinking of attaching some old sunglasses to the back of my helmet. Maybe.

The worst thing you can do is panic. That will not end well.

In Northern NSW and Queensland there have been bushfires. Already. And it's predicted to be a bad fire season this year here in Victoria.

If you are riding in a bush area then always check on any fire activity. All my fave rides suffer from this risk - Kinglake, Humevale, Strathewen, Donna Buang, Cumberland Junction - Lake Mountain - Acheron Way.

Check before you go. Lycra will be no fun in a fire.

Climbing season is coming! I stuffed up last year hoping to climb Mt Buffalo and Mt Hotham after New Year. It just didn't happen - fire weather, other events, people away, blah, blah, excuses, excuses. So I'm hoping get Buffalo done this season, despite in-laws coming to stay. We'll see. Mt Donna Buang should be first, because it's closer.

How do you like to climb? Spin, grind, or stand? Try to maintain your speed at the start, or settle to a rhythm? Let me know, and I'll give my experience next time.

There is a rumor that the Earth is round, and if true it means that some of you reading this will be coming into Autumn. Or Fall, as some non-cyclists have called it. Because a cyclist would never call it the Fall season, would they? That would be just tempting fate! While riding over those wet slippery leaves lying on the road. Take care out there.

I see people turning their bike upside down when they are fixing a puncture. Somebody must be telling them it's a good idea. I have been on big organised rides where the organisers say to do this, and the reason is so that they can see when someone needs help.

If you have a traditional road bike with quick-release wheels then the axles fit into vertical slots at the end of the forks. The slots are called drop-outs.

Because when you undo the quick release, the wheels ... er ... drop ... out.

There is even a *rule* about this, but 'nuff said. Tell me if you disagree!

And here is a plug for Matt Goodsir's GoFundMe Page. Matt had a big crash two days after riding with me, while he was visiting here from New Zealand. The page tells the whole story.

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Other stuff coming

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