Scapin Kalibra Frameset

Scapin Kalibra Frameset

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KALIBRA strikes with its sleek streamlined design which in its minimal elegance is true to the purest Scapin DNA. In the front of the frame the head tube joint, which was designed to react to strong vibrations from the front end, rests elegantly on top of the fork which has a specifically designed shape and materials, with the left stay having a larger cross-section to resist stress transmitted by the disc brakes. Aerodynamic shapes (the head tube is droplet shaped, the aero seat post has concealed fastening, as does the seat tube which also has a rear cut-out to minimise turbulence in the wheel arch) guarantee excellent performance under windy conditions. While characterized by a very stable and safe front end, the rear vertical stays are slim and flat in order to favor resistance to flexing on the longitudinal axis and to reduce torsion. Its particular configuration with the distinctive seat tube joint guarantees reactivity, sprint power and great stability which is reinforced by its front and rear thru axles that have a diameter of 12 mm.

Discuss your project with us! Paint, order times, payment and discount options available on request.

We recommend utilizing the Campagnolo Potenza Disc groupset for the build. We can organize your build using your component choices. Or build it yourself if that's your thing.

Kalibra adopts an exclusive integrated clamping system for the seat post. This solution allows for a maximally clean look and easy use.

Geometries studied for race competitions: aggressive driving, to face any route, but always with the right mix of comfort, reactivity and sprint. R&D Scapin has not adopted an already existing design but started from scratch in designing their geometries, in order to reach the best possible and most adequate solution for the new disc brake system.

Kalibra presents a clean and elegant design with particular features, like the massive head tube joint, the fork with both strong and aerodynamic blades sections, and the unique clamping system of the seat post. The project has taken into consideration the major stress points in order to create a light and aerodynamic frame that can guarantee maximum performances to every bike enthusiast.

The asymmetrical sections and the carefully studied materials applied to the two sides of the frame have the aim to optimize braking and to compensate for the forces generated by the disc brakes. The thru axle of 12 mm diameter in the front and the rear, create a compact set. This guarantees an exceptional response of the frame which remains stable even in case of abrupt and sudden braking. The disc brake Flat Mount system offers improved alignment, more elegant looks, and improved heat dissipation thanks to the Ice Technology discs.


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