International Orders aka why order from us?

Thanks for considering us for your high-end Italian hand-made steel frame.

We are a small business based in Australia, started in 1938. You can read a little more in our About Us page.

When you contact us For a frame to be made we will discuss your requirements with you, and when we are both confident that we have a clear written statement of your requirements we produce a formal quote and request a deposit of 50% of that amount. We then send your order to the factory.

When your order arrives at the factory the artisans and craftmen will start work on your design. They will send their design for your frame to us and we will discuss it with you. Sometimes, together we will ask the factory to change the design. In one recent case we worked through three designs until the client and us were satisfied that the frame met his requirements and was aesthetically pleasing, while meeting the factory's quality standards. When the design is approved by you the order will be placed in the factory fabrication queue, and the materials will be ordered.

When your project is ready to be built it happens quickly. The tubes will be cut and machined to the exact sizes required by your design, and welding and braising starts. Some clients request pictures at this stage. [ To do: insert some pics from the factory here ]

The next phase is painting. The final finish on your dream project can make all the difference! Painting can take a week in the paint-shop, and must cure properly before the frame is shipped. You will get pictures of the finished frame, and we will invoice you for the balance. Some clients make changes to their requirements after the quote and deposit invoice, so in such a case the final invoice can be a different amount.

As soon as the factory receives payment they pack and send your frame to you. It can take 7 to 10 days to get from Italy to Australia, so most places in the world will be quicker than that!

Why do we ask for a deposit, what happens to that money, and can you get it back? The factory wants to know that you are serious. As soon as your order arrives they (and we) will be working on it. If for some unusual reason you withdrew your order then they (and we) would want to be paid for the work already done for you. This has never happened, and we believe that by clear written communication with you it never will! If it did happen, the consumer protection law here in Victoria, Australia, is quite strong. You cannot be charged for a service you have not received. But, we don't want to be relying on the law. We will be striving to maintain clear communication and keep you informed of progress each step of the way.

Do we offer an escrow service? Not at present. The benefit to some clients would be increased confidence, but with extra complexity and costs. Let us know if you feel you need that added confidence.

Why order from us? For most people* such a frame is a once in a life-time deal. We get that, and for us it's the communication between us that gives us both confidence that your dream will come to life. We are happy to chat on the phone or via Internet. In such a case we will send you email that shows our understanding of the call. We want everything be clear between us. It all starts when you contact us!

* Some clients have come back again and again, so we must be doing something right!

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