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 December 2017 - John:

It [his Barco XCr frame] is so stiff and responsive.

November 2017 - Richie:

That thing [his Barco Spirit frame] goes downhill like it's on rails!

November 2017 - Akshay:

Package came through today, really gonna help my fingers when it comes to getting those tires off! These Roto levers are great! Thanks!

October 2017 - Julie:

Fantastic, speedy service

I bought my husband a Skoda cycling cap to put aside as a Christmas present. I bought on Monday and it was here by Thursday! Great service as we live in a regional area and snail mail can be rather slow...the cap looks great on me...he may not get it yet....

October 2017 - Vern:

Thank you for your speediness.

May 2017 - David:

 Just to let you know that the shoes were received yesterday and fit well. All good.

May 2017 - Simon:

Really appreciate the service!

January 2017 - Marc:

Industry best customer service

Mascot Cycles were very attentive to my many queries via the site. I have never bought shoes on line and was a bit hesistent but they were very helpful even with an exchange and made the process second to none.

December 2016 - Adam:

Fantastic. Best service I've had online. Appreciate you getting it out so quick.

July 2016 - Matt:

Thanks so much again for the awesome service.

June 2016 - Ben:

... got to say, it's been a pleasure dealing with you - many thanks again.

May 2016 - Cameron:

The best jacket I've worn.

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