Scapin Ivor Frameset

Scapin Ivor Frameset

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100% Italian made with the exclusive Scapin TT Matrix ™ technology, unique styling, amazing rigidity and light weight, only produced to measure: Ivor takes its place at the top of the Scapin catalogue.

Discuss your project with us! Paint, order times, payment and discount options available on request.

We recommend builds utilizing Campagnolo Record or Super Record, mechanical or EPS. We can do your build using your component choices. Or build it yourself if that's your thing.

Tailoring of the “Tube to Tube”. The strength of monocoque.
Its name is TT Matrix TM and it is an innovative and exclusive process created by the Scapin Engineering technicians. This process, a perfect marriage between the “Tube to Tube” technique and the monocoque technique, integrates the seat tube and the bottom bracket in the same mould to strengthen the frame when pedaling as well as the steering area with the diagonal tube to improve the responsiveness of the front end. By doing so, we significantly strengthen and strengthen the frame critical spots, so that the whole body reacts to torsional stresses like a monocoque piece and not like a junction of fabrics. Thanks to TT MatrixTM, Scapin can offer the “customization” of a “Tube to tube” frame without losing the monocoque responsiveness.

For those who know that strength is not everything.
The Scapin frames are renowned for their great capacity in absorbing vibrations. A direct result of the Scapin mastery in the machining of steel, the CFS Comfort Flex System principle is applied to all rear stays, even to those of composite. Thanks to the optimization of shapes and sections of the high rear stays and to the traditional leaf spring shape adopted for more than ten years by Scapin, we have a better dispersion of forces, an excellent absorption of the ground unevenness and lesser incidence of the vibrations on the front end. The most significant result is less fatigue for the back muscles. While keeping an excellent compromise in terms of strength compared to standard rear stays, the CFS guarantees 30% more comfort.

A winning opportunity.
A custom-made frame is a winning opportunity because allows reaching the best position on the seat, the position most suited for the morphological structure of the athlete. It is not the athlete that must adapt to the bike; it is the bike that must adapt to the athlete. Specifically, this means a smoother and more powerful ride, a more rewarding use of the pedal thrust energy and no back pain. Even after many hours of riding. With the “Custom Size Technology” Scapin offers the opportunity to tailor the entire top of the range of its frames, both of steel and carbon, on the specific requirements of the client, from angles to lengths. This service is made possible thanks to its production structure that features a specialized department with experienced staff and sophisticated software for the analysis of morphological and structural parameters.

The PRESS-FIT system, used on the new generation frames, offers added benefits in terms of compactness. By increasing the central bracket area and integrating the caps completely, the rigidity of the frame is enhanced at a particularly critical point such as this, while offering impressive style.

The attention to the hidden details.
Inside W is a design choice that allows to hide the threads of change and brake inside the frame, maintaining the fluency precision typical of the external wiring changes. Scapin brings to the extreme level of sophistication this strategy, realizing precise component that lodges the cables and facilitates the slide of it. The practical function to safeguard the components in movement is accompanied to an inimitable cleaning and an aesthetics without compromises.

The tapered head tube has now become synonymous with cycling stability and precision. The increased lower section of the head tube, combined with a 1.5" tapered fork increases steering sensitivity and distribution of impact with the ground. This means more control and maneuverability in any condition.

Details not always noticed at first glance, but which Scapin masterly adds to its entire exclusive range. HQP is a guarantee of top quality paints and adhesives, mixed to make Scapin frames unique examples of sophisticated "Made in Italy" style.

Safe, waterproof, practical.
This innovative solution allows solving many of the problems given by classic carbon dropouts. Used to decrease the weight of the frame and have a cleaner shape, they always wear pretty quickly because of the assembly/disassembly of the rear wheel. Scapin has designed D-DOUBLE, a double-hanger stem of CNC machined aluminium that embraces both sides of the carbon dropouts. This eliminates wear and preserves in time the frame. The dropouts, by becoming a sole body with the stays, are extremely strong and compact, reducing the flexions while changing the gear and increasing its precision.Thanks to its anodizing, D-DOUBLE becomes also an aesthetic as well as a functional finishing, conceived to give to the Scapin bikes a unique style.

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